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libIDL is a front-end for CORBA IDL and Mozilla's XPIDL, currently used in the GNOME project (bundled with ORBit), and the Mozilla project (if you are not using Firefox, you should), and other projects here and there. Newer distributions of libIDL than 0.6.8 (0.8.x and above, with build updates and other changes -- newer versions install as libIDL-2, so they can coexist) are packaged with Fedora and are available on the GNOME FTP site.

Check out the Gecko SDK (check here for Mac OS X instructions).

Consider a donation to the Mozilla foundation.

Source Distributions

Binary Distributions (I will update these soon...)

CVS Development

The latest development sources for libIDL are available on the GNOME CVS server.

Andrew Veliath