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Posted: Tue Jun 6 21:34:01 PDT 2006
Last modified: Sun Jul 22 07:58:23 EDT 2007
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Don't Muck with The Duck This is a simple guide on getting Fedora Core working with a UTstarcom / Sprint PPC-6700 PocketPC (aka the HTC Apache, or PPC6700, or Verizon XV6700) as a USB modem (this is the one with the flip out keyboard), giving you pretty high speeds on a tethered wireless modem using EVDO (almost 3G speeds). If you are looking to run Linux on this phone, please check out the XDA Developers Wiki for Linux on the HTC Apache, which provides info on getting the ARM/XScale port of Linux going. This guide is verbose (lots of images!) as to be understandable to new users, and can probably be modified for other phones. Note some service providers want you to get a data plan, so exercise caution. It is probably prudent not to make excessive use of it by doing things like file-sharing on the cell-phone (it is your responsibility that your plan allows flat-rate usage, it may not so you'll need to check). The screenshots have been taken from Fedora Core 5 Linux, on a relatively unmodified install, and the PocketPC has Windows Mobile 5.0 on it with firmware version 2.06. These instructions are provided without any guarantees, and can probably easily be translated to other distributions of Linux fairly easily. This is probably applicable to the other flavors of this phone, such as the Verizon XV6700, though you may need to locate the wmodem.exe program directly from the WINDOWS directory (you'll need to show hidden files) on the XV6700 as Verizon has kept it hidden. You can copy the smaller shortcut file to the Programs menu to keep it accessible.

Configuring the Network Device

Configuring the Linux PocketPC Driver for your 6700

Bringing up the PPP Connection

Andrew Veliath